Alvin Søberg-Medin

Professional dumbass

An idiot can be described as an individual who consistently demonstrates a lack of intelligence, common sense, or rational thinking. They often make poor decisions without considering the consequences, frequently engage in foolish or reckless behavior, and struggle to grasp basic concepts or understand simple instructions. Idiots often exhibit a general disregard for logic and fail to comprehend the implications of their actions. Their behavior may frustrate others, as they often require repeated explanations or guidance due to their inability to learn from past mistakes.

About me

I know a few simple things, but since most of it's useless im not gonna list any of it.

To make this image i just downloaded some stuff and watched youtube turorials.

This was created by extracting models from google earth

If for some reason you want to make things like me, all you have to do is download a bunch of stuff illegaly.


Alvin S-M



Alvin S-M

chief marketing officer


Alvin S-M



Morgan Freeman

Performance marketer

Meet The A-Team

Founded by Alvin Søberg-Medin who's spent the past 4 years attracting the worst talent globally. 

I have no idea who Morgan Freeman is
Meet Jeffrey Lamar Williams

Young Thug, born Jeffrey Lamar Williams, is an American rapper known for his unique style, unconventional vocal techniques, and eccentric fashion sense. He gained prominence with his mixtape "1017 Thug" in 2013 and has collaborated with artists like Drake, Travis Scott and Metro Boomin. Young Thug's music blends trap, hip-hop, and melodic rap, and he has released successful albums like "So Much Fun" and "Slime Language 2." He is also recognized as a fashion icon, pushing boundaries with his avant-garde style. Young Thug continues to shape the rap scene with his innovative artistry. His debut in Heroes & Villains was magnificent.

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